Anti-Trump film being screened in New York

THE controversial documentary on Donald Trump's Menie development is heading for a screening on the billionaire's Manhattan doorstep following an online fund-raising campaign to allow the film's director to fly to the United States.

You've Been Trumped will get a special screening at the IFC Centre in New York on 7 July.

Last week, during his visit to the golf resort in Aberdeenshire, Mr Trump dismissed the documentary. He told journalists: "I haven't seen it. I heard it got some bad reviews. People told me it was boring."

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But director Anthony Baxter immediately announced plans to take the film to New York "to hold Trump to account for his actions - in the court of public opinion." Within hours of the appeal going online, half the $4,000 (2,500) target had been reached, he said yesterday.

Mr Baxter, who leaves Aberdeen for New York tomorrow, added: "While Mr Trump may be used to getting special treatment, we think he should watch the film in a cinema like everyone else."