Animal rights activists get teeth into zoo

ANIMAL rights activists protesting against animals being kept in captivity were set to campaign today at Edinburgh Zoo.

The protest is part of a nationwide demonstration against animals’ living conditions in zoos.

The Captive Animals Protection Society, the group behind National Zoo Awareness Day, believe zoos exist purely for entertainment and claim animals suffer welfare problems from cramped and artificial conditions.

CAPS supporters and local animal rights groups were set to meet at the zoo from 11am.

Campaigner Lynda Korimboccus said: "People visit the zoo because they or their children like animals - they want and have a right to know that they are being conned into contributing to the misery of these animals."

A national CAPS spokesperson added: "The zoo industry’s role is grossly exaggerated and they actually continue to take animals from the wild. We encourage the public to avoid visiting zoos and to instead support the protection of animals’ natural habitats."