Andy Murray returns iPhone he accidentally lifted from bar

Andy Murray at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow earlier this year. Picture: John Devlin
Andy Murray at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow earlier this year. Picture: John Devlin
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Tennis star Andy Murray had to return to a bar in Stirling to apologise after accidentally leaving with the owner’s phone.

The Dunblane-born world number one was out Christmas shopping with his mother Judy in Stirling city centre yesterday when they popped into a local cafe bar for a coffee.

Rich Carlin, 33, who runs The Dawg Hoose on King Street, said he had just opened up on Monday morning when Andy and Judy Murray came in.

Mr Carlin said he chatted to Murray about his new business, which specialises in craft beers and hot dogs, and then posed for a photograph at the bar before Andy, 29, and Judy left.

But as soon as they left he tried to post a message on the pub’s Facebook page about his celebrity customers, he realised his iPhone was missing from the bar.

He is reported as saying: “I was looking everywhere for it. I was looking under the bar, under the breakfast bar area, under the tables and under the coffee machine. The only other place I thought it could be was the fridge because I got milk out of it for Judy’s cappuccino and I was still half asleep.

“I thought ‘dammit’, Andy Murray and Judy Murray have taken my phone.

“About five minutes later I see this black Jaguar pull up outside and Judy is waving the phone at me out the window.

“They said they realised they had one too many phones. Judy and Andy were both laughing.

“I said to them, ‘I have to get a selfie of this’. Andy’s in the car leaning over and Judy’s getting back into the car laughing. It was a really surreal moment.”

Judy Murray later took to Twitter to post the picture of their visit to the bar.

She said: “Sorry we lifted your phone by mistake. Quite funny when we realised we had an extra one.”

Mr Carlin added: “He gets a bit of a bad press but he was a really friendly guy.

“He was an absolute gentleman and was very interested in the business and what I had to say.

“He was just a lovely guy and a Scottish legend.”