And our first tram is . . late!

The first of the Capital’s new fleet of trams has arrived at the Gogar depot – and it was late.

The vehicle had made a 1500-kilometre journey from Irun in northern Spain and was due to be the star of the show for the 11am photo call yesterday morning.

However, somewhat fittingly for the beleaguered project, it arrived one hour later than planned aboard three low-loader lorries.

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It is the first of the 27-strong tram fleet that will arrive at the new depot in the coming months.

Meanwhile, it has emerged the tram project will add a £5.3 million pressure on to next year’s council budget.

The rise relates to the cost of borrowing the necessary funds to complete the project and is more than the initial estimate of £4.7m a year because passenger revenues and leasing of tram vehicles will not bring in an income to offset the cost until further down the line.

Karen Kelly, council head of finance, said talks were continuing with the Scottish Government to cover the cost of borrowing in the early years.

However, city leader Jenny Dawe said: “The Scottish Government has made it very clear that it will be £500m, full stop. But the Scottish Government wants to see it go to St Andrew Square as much as anyone else and anything they can do to help would, of course, be appreciated.”