Alex Salmond loses two stone on celebrity diet

First Minister Alex Salmond. Picture: Jane Barlow
First Minister Alex Salmond. Picture: Jane Barlow
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FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has revealed that diet advice from former Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King has seen him lose two stone in three months.

Salmond jokingly referred to King as his “dietary advisor” after the former governor recommended the so-called ‘Bikini Diet’ to him when they met earlier this year.

Salmond has taken up the 5:2 diet - also known as the Bikini Diet - where dieters stick to a strict regime of 600 calories per day two days a week. A normal intake of 2,500 calories is then consumed for the remaining five days.

Salmond told The Sun: “It works for me because I love food.

“I have to time it right but it is difficult as I’m at functions every day.

“But I can say to myself ‘I’m not having this delicious meal now, because I can have it tomorrow’ - it’s easier psychologically.

“It can be a struggle but I’ve dropped about two stone and two collar sizes.”

The First Minister’s attempts to get fit have been well documented in recent years. Earlier this year a Scottish Labour spin doctor drew criticism for Twitter remarks on Salmond’s weight.