Album review: Eric Whitacre, Light & Gold

*****Decca 2743209, £12.99

A multi-million selling composer of modern choral music, Eric Whitacre's works have entered the consciousness of fans of contemporary classical music with a suddenness that echoes Sir John Tavener's Song Of Athene, albeit without the tragic circumstances surrounding it.

At the same time, Whitacre has made use of new technology in his composing and conducting: his Lux Aurumque Virtual Choir project on YouTube, drawing on singers from around the world, achieved a million hits in two months.

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Whitacres's music is softly spoken, deeply harmonic and tuneful, but making use of unusual rhythms and sound balancing to create highly textured music.

In addition, there is a nod to earlier fashions: Lux Aurumque is an English poem translated into Latin; EE Cummings and Robert Frost also feature. Highly satisfying all round.

Download this: The Seal Lullaby

This article was first published in Scotland On Sunday, 12 December, 2010