Agency owners banned after assault conviction

THE owners of a Scottish entertainment and model company have been banned from running an employment agency after one of the bosses was convicted of indecent assault.

Glyn Davies, who is in his 50s, ran Lothian Variety, with his wife Susan for 20 years, and more recently set up Emkay Entertainments in West Lothian.

However, at Edinburgh High Court, on 18 September last year, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills brought a case against him after he admitted indecently assaulting a 17-year-old girl and taking pornographic photographs of her. He was sentenced to two years in prison, but released on 19 April.

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Glyn Davies was banned from running an employment agency for 20 years following the hearing at Glasgow Employment Tribunal, while his wife was banned for a maximum of 10 years on a separate prohibition order.

The order also bans Davies, who has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register and disqualified from working with children for an indefinite period, from having access to premises or contact with persons using any employment agency his wife might set up after her ban expires.