Aberdeen leaders condemn anti-English attacks in city

THE leaders of all the political groups on Aberdeen City Council yesterday joined forces to condemn the spate of recent racist attacks against English football fans in the city.

Last week a disabled English fan was dragged from his car and beaten up in the city. Earlier this week a gang of men knocked a man to the ground and stamped repeatedly on his head because he was wearing an England top.

Flags being flown from the home of an English supporter in nearby Stonehaven were also removed and burned in another racist-related incident in the North-east.

A joint statement condemning the attacks was issued yesterday by Kate Dean, the Liberal Democrat group leader and leader of the council; Len Ironside, the Labour group leader; Kevin Stewart, the Scottish National Party group leader; and John Porter, the Conservative group leader.

They stated: "Last November, Aberdeen - a diverse and cosmopolitan city - proudly became a member of the European Cities Against Racism. In recent weeks, apparently unprovoked assaults on English football fans, allegedly racist in nature, have tainted that achievement and the reputation of our city.

"We need to be united in dealing with racism in all of its forms. Our city needs to be constantly vigilant and we must all speak out against racism."