Aberdeen and Rangers thugs jailed for pitched battle in centre of Glasgow

EIGHT Rangers and Aberdeen football hooligans have been jailed for taking part in a mass brawl .

The pitched battle brought a large part of Glasgow city centre to a standstill as the group clashed last January.

Yesterday, Rangers fans Arthur Mills, Robert McGuire and John Hopkins were sentenced to 20 months each after attacking Christopher Kyle, an Aberdeen casual.

Aberdeen troublemakers Michael Cowling, James Bensley, and Paul Johnston were jailed for five months each for fighting with Rangers fans George McDonald and Barry Donnelly, who were sentenced to four and three months respectively.

Those jailed included members of the notorious Rangers-linked Inter City Firm and Aberdeen Soccer Casuals.

Sheriff Linda Ruxton said "the interests of the public" meant jail was the only option. This was an incident associated with football violence, which brought a serious disturbance.

"It took very little to lose control and, as a result, you behaved like hooligans. It must have been a frightening experience for those that were witnesses. Your actions made Glasgow city centre a very dangerous place.

"Public interest demands that a custodial sentence must be passed."

The fight had broken out after Aberdeen fans had arrived in Glasgow on 25 January to catch a train following a Scottish Cup tie in Dumfries.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard the incident was "not pre-meditated", but continued a hatred between supporters.

McGuire, of Glasgow, Hopkins, of Paisley, and Mills, of Dunoon, all admitted to the assault last month. The other five accused all pled guilty to breach of the peace then.