9am Briefing: Oxfam aim to raise £1000 with sale of rare book

OXFAM in Morningside is hoping to raise £1000 from the sale of the earliest book on television signed by inventor John Logie Baird.

The book, entitled Television, was donated anonymously to the charity shop and dates back to 1926.

Staff did not realise its significance until one member had flicked through it sometime after it was received.

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Experts at city auction house Bonhams say it is unclear how the book came to be signed.

However, they said the location of the signature, on the blank half-title, suggests it was his own personal copy.

• A PURSE belonging to murdered teenager Vicky Hamilton is to be returned to her father 19 years after her death.

The personal possessions of the 15-year-old, who was raped and strangled by Peter Tobin, will be handed over to father Michael, 60, after the serial killer dropped an appeal against his life sentence last month.

• SCIENTISTS have carried out a study which could help explain how heart problems develop.

Researchers including a team from Edinburgh University have pinpointed genes that control our heartbeat and have uncovered several DNA changes associated with the electrical impulses that make the heart beat.

The findings pave the way for a greater understanding of abnormal heart rhythms and heart defects.

• HOTEL Missoni on George IV Bridge has been named best new hotel in Europe in the World Travel Awards.

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It was up against rivals in Italy, Turkey, France, Germany and the Czech Republic in the poll involving thousands of international trave agents and other industry professionals.