5 fantastic running routes that take in Dundee’s sights

Broughty Ferry beach
Broughty Ferry beach
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The best way to explore your surroundings is on the run.

Not only does this allow you to cover more ground and see more, but it helps you keep fit.

Dundee is a runner’s haven and despite the odd hill, it’s perfect for a beginner.

At Run the Sights guided running tours, we know every inch of the city’s well trodden paths; here are five of our favourite running routes for you to enjoy.

1 - The Riverside

Running along the Riverside, you experience a range of terrains and sights, depending on what you’re after.

Starting from Riverside Nature Reserve, follow the undulating paths through the park, taking in sights over the Tay estuary, then continuing East towards Dundee.

Look out for McGonagall’s ‘Tay Rail Bridge Disaster’ poem on the pavement as you pass the remains of the old rail bridge.

The Waterfront in Dundee is undergoing a huge redevelopment at the moment, so marvel at the new hotels, railway station, and Victoria & Albert Museum as you pass.

You can either follow your footsteps back, or stop in a cafe then get a bus back.

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2 - Balgay Hill

One of the original three hills of Dundee, Balgay is a maze of intertwined road, paths, and steps to follow.

The beautiful old forest is popular year round for runners and dog walkers.

Park at the entrance on Glamis Road, and follow the road into the park, under the Victorian cast-iron bridge.

If you like trail running, take off the main path and start heading uphill.

Winding through the paths, you’ll eventually find Mills’ Observatory, which is great for a visit.

Don’t miss the 140 year old rose window, and the bandstand, surrounded by daffodils in Spring.

3 - Camperdown Park

North-east of the city centre is the largest public park of the city, home to our local parkrun, and a brilliant place for a quiet trail run.

Enter by the East Entrance, and follow the trail on the left hand side of the road, turning down the hill when you come to the forest trail.

This path takes you round the perimeter of the park, through mature woodland. Look out for deer and red squirrels as you go.

The park is also home to the Camperdown elm tree, a species from Dundee. There is an animal park and cafe in the centre to refresh after your run.

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4 - Green Circular Path

We are lucky to have a well-maintained cycle path which runs a circular route around the city covering around 26 miles – perfect for anyone marathon training.

It is well signposted and can be broken up easily into smaller sections. A lovely section starts from Morrisons on Forfar Road, and follows the Dighty Burn, which used to provide water to over 70 mills in the area.

It meanders through Finlathen and Drumgeith parks, providing a peaceful release from the bustle of the city.

Look out for the impressive viaduct which you will run under, and artwork along the Dighty pathway.

5 - Broughty Ferry

Just east of the city, this coastal village has a lovely sprawling beach which is perfect for a run.

Start from the castle car park, and either follow the cycle path, or get your feet wet on the sand.

Keep your eyes up, as you may see dolphins or seals on your run.

The beach is also popular for watersports, and is perfect for a picnic post-run.

Follow the coastline to Barnhill Rock Garden, then be sure to check out the trails round the well-tended garden, before turning back.

Read more about Run the Sights at runthesights.co.uk

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