48 Richard Emanuel

Businessman, 34

Lives Monaco.

Who he? Richard started as a teenager selling mobiles door-to-door. This led to a chain of shops called DX Communications, which was sold to BT Cellnet for 42m. Now chairman of Interactive Telecom Solutions, he received an MBE for his services to the telecommunications industry.

Conquests Recently split up from his fiancee of five years.

Haunts Ken McCulloch and David Coulthard’s new hotel in Monaco, The Columbus.

Pluses Free top-up cards?

Minuses Fresh out of a relationship and known for working 18-hour days.

Do ask his motto - "The most important thing in a goal is not what you achieve but what you become in the achievement... If you set a goal to become a successful person but become a horrible person in the process then that’s not good."

Don’t expect to dish the dirt on the ex.