20 years in US jail for Scots churchman

Malcolm Fraser said verdict was about hatred for church. Picture: Contributed
Malcolm Fraser said verdict was about hatred for church. Picture: Contributed
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A SCOTS churchman found guilty of raping a child in the US has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Malcolm Fraser was convicted of two counts of first-degree rape of a young girl following an investigation by police.

Fraser, 41, who was born in Aberdeen and grew up in Elgin, was also found guilty of two counts of first-degree molestation by a jury at Enumclaw, Washington state, 40 miles south of Seattle.

He has been jailed and ordered to serve a minimum of 18 years behind bars before being able to apply for parole.

Judge Lori K Smith sentenced the Scot to 20 years for each of the two child rape charges and 12 years for each of the molestation charges. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

Fraser, dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit and wearing a waist shackle and handcuffs, maintained his innocence during a 20-minute speech.

He blamed his guilty verdict on those with “hatred for my church” – before ranting about Nazis, Jews and the judgment of God.

Fraser told the judge to “do the right thing” by overturning the guilty verdict of the jury, which was delivered in May.

He said: “I want to put the record personally – I did not do these crimes, whatever that’s worth. I don’t blame the jury for getting it wrong. But I was certainly shocked by the verdict.

“The speed at which they reached the verdict, I am doubtful they were able to review all the evidence properly during that time or that they followed the court’s instructions properly.

“I think this case has been bogus from the beginning and should have been dropped by the prosecution. I think without the hatred of my church this case would have been dropped.”

His wife, Julie, who is deaf, broke down in tears as she begged the judge to impose the minimum sentence.

Fraser will still be allowed to have contact with children, after members of the Sound Doctrine Church where he worked requested he be allowed to see their children.

The crimes were committed between 2005 and 2006 against an 11-year-old girl living in Enumclaw.

Fraser and his wife were staying in the family’s home when the crimes occurred.

The trial lasted nearly two months. The court had heard how Fraser warned his victim she would go to hell if she told anyone what was happening.

She told how Fraser visited her bedroom 20 times between 2005 and 2006.

The victim recalled the first time Fraser came into her room.

In a barely audible voice, she said: “I remember waking up to him in my room. He covered my mouth with his hand right away – he told me to be quiet.”

After Fraser left her room, she said she hid under her covers and cried.

She testified Fraser told her repeatedly he would force her and her mother out of the church and she would go to hell. “I felt dirty and I was afraid. I was just embarrassed. Embarrassed that that was happening to me. I just wanted someone to save me,” she said.