100 Weeks of Scotland: independence debate

Picture: Alan McCredie
Picture: Alan McCredie
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I couldn’t really avoid it much longer… Scotland’s favourite topic of conversation for the last few years has had to wait until the 85th week of this project but it seemed the right time to delve into the crystal clear/murky [delete as appropriate] waters of the Independence debate. Earlier this week it was 100 days until the vote and it seemed fitting that I should reflect this, as this project began life 100 weeks before the vote.

Week 85

It’s an emotive subject. Like all things some of the debate has been first class, while sometimes the debate really has dragged its knuckles through the mire. Overall though it has been an incredibly interesting time to be living in Scotland, and the energy put into the campaign by both sides has been highly visible.

Wherever I have been over the past few years it has been the topic of conversation. On buses, in cafés, at work, at home, it has been the subject that cannot be ignored. For myself and my friends, some Yes some No, it is a subject that is endlessly talked about yet absolutely banned in the pub, which is possibly why we are all still on speaking terms…

All over Scotland for the last couple of years campaigners have been out and about delivering their message. As we approach Septembers vote this will increase dramatically, and short of heading to the hills, will be unavoidable.

So there will be more photographs over the summer, from both camps, as the long process comes to a head. Whether Yes, No or Don’t Know it is going to be a crucial and absolutely fascinating period in the history of the nation.

Also this week an image of the wonderful David MacLennan who sadly died a few days ago. Co founder of 7:84 and Wildcat theatre companies and the creator of the hugely successful ‘Play, Pie and a Pint’ series of lunchtime theatre shows, that began in the west end of Glasgow before spreading worldwide. He was a huge figure in the cultural life of Scotland and someone who will be sorely missed. I took his photograph a year or so ago, holding a meat cleaver, although neither of us seemed to know why.

• Alan McCredie began the ‘100 weeks of Scotland’ website in October last year, and it will conclude in Autumn 2014. McCredie’s goal is to chronicle two years of Scottish life in the run-up to the independence referendum.

Alan says ‘one hundred weeks...’ is intended to show all sides of the country over the next two years. On the site, he says: “Whatever the result of the vote Scotland will be a different country afterward. These images will show a snapshot of the country in the run up to the referendum.

“The photos will be of all aspects of Scottish culture - politics, art, social issues, sport and anything else that catches the eye.”

Follow the project at www.100weeksofscotland.com. You can also follow Alan on Twitter @alanmccredie.

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