10% of young adults 'fail basic literacy test'

ONE in ten young adults do not meet the basic standards of literacy in Scotland, official figures reveal.

Around 10 per cent of adults aged 16-24 failed to pick out the most basic information from a straightforward text when surveyed.

Nearly a quarter of managerial and professional workers failed to reach level two, where a small number of distractions are introduced into the prose, with a small percentage (3 per cent ) failing to make even the most basic grade. Around one in twelve adults across all age groups failed to reach a level one proficiency in literacy, with the vast majority falling within the level 2/3 bracket.

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Around 15 per cent of adults were able to understand the most complex tests up to level 4/5, where more information is required at each stage with a greater number of distractions.

However, a quarter of adults being tested for quantitative analysis were able to pick out calculations from a text, such as calculating the savings in a sale or interest on a bank account.

Skills minister Angela Constance said adult literacy in Scotland is on a par with the world's most advanced economies and that the Scottish Government planned to improve literacy and numeracy levels even further.

She said that strong literacy skills help people fulfil their potential, achieve their goals and take advantage of life's opportunities.

"The Scottish Government's recent Literacy Action Plan emphasised our commitment to raising the literacy skills of Scotland's citizens from early years onwards.

"The findings of the Adult Literacies Survey are encouraging."

But she said there was no room for complacency, adding: "There is more we can do. Adult Literacies in Scotland 2020 outlines more detailed plans to improve the literacy and numeracy of Scotland's adults over the next 10 years.

"Within the plan is a wide range of actions for the public sector, employers and learners themselves."