Video: Five easy hacks for defrosting your car

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Even House Stark bends the knee to these winter defrosting hacks.

Defrosting car windows and the misery of scraping your car in sub-zero conditions doesn’t really fill anyone with Christmas cheer.

Save yourself precious morning minutes with these hacks

Save yourself precious morning minutes with these hacks

Laboriously scraping down every inch of your car with a scraper - or if you’re hugely under prepared, a credit card - is enough to make anyone pine for the warmth of the bed they’re not long out of.

There’s bad news and there’s good news.

We can’t do anything about the weather (unless you include global warming in that statement) but we can equip you with some easy hacks to help you make quick work of your Calippo on wheels.

Some are just common sense, like parking your car facing East overnight, so your windshield will catch the sun early on.

Another - from the RAC no less - involves smearing your windows with an unusual bathroom toiletry.

We’ve chosen five top tips to keep your car windows mist-free, de-iced and road legal, viewable in the video player above.