Video: Edinburgh cyclist confronted by van driver in heated exchange

The incident took place on Murieston Road in Edinburgh
The incident took place on Murieston Road in Edinburgh
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An Edinburgh cyclist has released a video of a fierce argument between himself and two men in a van.

The incident took place on June 20 at the junction of Henderson Terrace and Murieston Road on June 20, reports

In the clip, uploaded to Youtube by a user known as Calm Cyclist, there is a thud as the van passes and the wing mirror is bent back.

The vehicle, which is branded with the logo of JBEMS - an electrical maintenance firm based in Dalkeith - then pulls over and two men step out to confront the cyclist.

“You’re a f***ing cyclist, by the way, right,” says the driver. “You’ve got to f***ing stay to the side of the road.”

The two men claim the cyclist hit their wing mirror. The cyclist responds by saying the van hit him.

After a heated exchange the two men climb back into their car and the cyclist takes off, turning left under the rail bridge on Murieston Crescent.

As the van again passes him, the younger passenger appears to throw something. Calm Cyclist claims in the video it was a full and open bottle of Lucozade.

Responding to a comment on Youtube, Calm Cyclist says he will not contact the police.

He wrote: “The police are unlikely to do anything.

“They seldom do, even with film and if it does get to court the PF wont read up before the case, even the worst defence solicitor will get them off.”

He added: “Total waste of tax payers money. As you say sharing and shaming is probably the best result.”

The Edinburgh Evening News contacted JBEMS for comment but no one was available.