UN not opposed to capital project

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YOUR headline 'UN slams capital's Quartermile' (News, March 4) is completely false and damages this city.

ICOMOS (UK) is not a UN body. It is a voluntary organisation of professionals in heritage issues. It has, we believe, two members in Edinburgh. It is part of the International Council of Monuments and Sites which advises Unesco. But, if ever Unesco were worried about Edinburgh's care of the Word Heritage Site, it would ask ICOMOS members from another country to come and investigate. ICOMOS (UK), has no formal role in the UK. They certainly don't have the power to place 31 UK sites on a "danger list" as you claim. Only Unesco has that power - and they've not done it with Edinburgh. Nor are they considering it.

We invited ICOMOS (UK) to comment on the plans for Quartermile before we made our decision. They neither wrote to us nor accepted our offer of a meeting on the matter. Later, after the plans were amended and then approved by the council (this three or more years ago) they then wrote in protest to the minister. The minister was content with our decision and did not "call it in".

I showed a Unesco official a photo-montage of the proposed development. His response - "is that what all the fuss is about? Looks fine to me."

Councillor Trevor Davies, Convener of the Planning Committee, City of Edinburgh Council