Ukip’s David Coburn pranked by viewers during Periscope chat

David Coburn was targeted by internet pranksters. Picture: Michael Gillen
David Coburn was targeted by internet pranksters. Picture: Michael Gillen
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UKIP’S Scottish MEP David Coburn was duped during a live online debate as the audience pretending his microphone was not on.

While the leaders of Scottish political parties including first minister Nicola Sturgeon, Labour’s Kezia Dugdale and Conservative Ruth Davidson took part in a TV debate ahead of May’s Holyrood elections, Mr Coburn hosted his ownlive Periscope stream as he was unhappy at not being invited to take part. 

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The live stream suffered technical issues, with Mr Coburn’s microphone failing, before the audio was fixed and the politician carried on speaking.

But given his often controversial views, a number of opponents flooded the live stream claiming they still couldn’t hear the Ukip MEP.

“Have we got gremlins again?” he asked an aide as the messages flooded in. “People keep saying there is no sound.

“I am speaking loudly. I am afraid the volume doesn’t appear to be working. Can you hear me? Is it working? Can people hear?”

An exasperated aide can be heard telling Mr Coburn that he can hear him, adding: “We’re downstairs getting sound. It’s there, I’m listening to it!”

In the background. another voice can be heard reassuring Mr Coburn saying: “Keep working, it’ll fix itself.”

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