Two-thirds of Scots believe second Brexit referendum will result in remain vote

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Two-thirds of Scots believe that a second Brexit referendum will result in the UK staying in the EU as a new campaign launches north of the border today calling for a fresh vote on the issue.

The People’s Vote campaign kicked off activity in Edinburgh this morning with a series of initiatives planned across the country in the coming months

Thousands of anti-Brexit protestors march along Piccadilly on 28.10.2018 in London, UK. Picture: Alex McBride/Getty Images)

Thousands of anti-Brexit protestors march along Piccadilly on 28.10.2018 in London, UK. Picture: Alex McBride/Getty Images)

Fresh polling published by Scotland for a People’s Vote, conducted by Survation, shows that 64% of people in Scotland believe that a new referendum would result in the UK voting to stay in the EU, with 36% thinking the result would be to leave.

Scots also back a People’s Vote by 59% to 41% - including big majorities across SNP, Labour and Lib Dem voters.

Scotland voted overwhelming to Remain in the EU in the 2106 vote and this remain largely unchanged with 63% backing remain (a point higher than in the 2016 referendum) while 37% back Leave.

Today’s launch was chaired by Mark Lazarowicz, incoming Chair of the European Movement in Scotland.

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Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations, said ttold the event: “There is no good Brexit – just a range of bad Brexits, economically, politically and in terms of our security and international influence. Scotland voted strongly to stay in the EU in 2016, and the whole UK now agrees with Scotland and supports remain according to a whole host of recent polls.

“We are calling on politicians from all parties in Scotland to respond positively to the case for a People’s Vote. It’s in Scotland’s interests to stay in the EU and a strong lead from Scottish politicians can help ensure that the majority in Scotland who support holding a People’s Vote is given a voice before the issue comes to the House of Commons.”

This weekend sees a national Letter Writing Party asking people to write to their MPs and MSPs, either calling on them to back a People’s Vote, or thanking them if they already do.

Aberdeenshire Council debated and back a People’s Vote last month, with campaigners encouraging other local authorities to do the same.

There is also a Scotland-wide Day of Action on Saturday 10 November, with activity already planned Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Perth, Stirling, Inverness and St Andrews. Street stalls will have leaflets, petitions, opportunities to share videos on social media anf other platforms.

John Edward, former Head of the European Parliament Office in Scotland, said: “This new poll shows that the people of Scotland are optimistic about achieving a remain result across the UK, and we share that confidence.

“Scotland can come together and play a leading role in the campaign for a People’s Vote, and help to bring back common sense through a referendum on the reality of Brexit – not the fiction of the Leave campaign in 2016.”

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