Two sites add to city areas' web presence

TWO new websites have been created to promote businesses and attractions within Stockbridge and Rose Street.

Chameleon Design have created the sites – and – following the success of a number of its other sites for areas including the Royal Mile, Grassmarket and Princes Street.

The sites detail shops, bars, restaurants accommodation and other businesses within each area.

Marchmont-based Chameleon founder Gavin Bonnar hopes to further expand his website business by creating sites for other new areas.

"The sites are always good with the rankings in Google so they are able to give the businesses a good bit of exposure," said Mr Bonnar.

"Hopefully we'll get the whole of Edinburgh joining up before long."

Chameleon launched its first site, in 2005. It lists every business in the historic thoroughfare and includes links to their websites.

The sites list all the businesses in each area free, but charge 40 to firms that want a link to their website put on the sites.