Tram makes its first daytime Princes Street journey

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A TRAM made its first daytime journey along Princes Street this morning as the £776 million project continues to near completion.

One of the vehicles arrived at the St Andrew Square tram stop about 10am in a media relations exercise to show off new branding designed for the service.

Picture: TSPL

Picture: TSPL

The tram spent about two hours alongside the city centre square before once again travelling along Princes Street en route to the West End and Haymarket.

Shoppers stopped in their tracks to stare as the late arrival moved past.

The tram service from Edinburgh Airport to York Place is due to be operational by May next year.

The uniforms that will be worn by all tram drivers and ticket inspectors were also unveiled.

Picture: TSPL

Picture: TSPL

A grey suit, jacket and tie will be given to all tram drivers and ticket inspectors to wear when the line begins next year.

The new uniforms were being unveiled today at the St Andrew Square tram stop in conjunction with the rollout of special branding across all of the city’s 27 trams.

Council insiders confirmed the colour madder would be incorporated into the uniform to offset the simple grey design.

Hats will not be part of the official dress code, but pins bearing the new Transport for Edinburgh logo will be worn by all tram staff.

Almost a third of the £7.4 million-a-year operating costs to run the trams is being taken up by paying drivers and inspectors. Fifty-two inspectors will be out to catch fare skippers.

Edinburgh Trams: Platinum, or silver, has been chosen for the logo’s main colour in efforts to create a “sleek and modern” look. All 27 trams in the fleet will have the design on the front as well as down the sides of carriages.

Lothian Buses: Gold has been retained for the buses to tie in with the company’s existing palette. The design will appear on the front, back and sides of single and double-decker buses. Logos will be added as old vehicles are replaced.

Transport for Edinburgh: The logo is also being used for the company formed to run the city’s tram and bus network. The Transport for Edinburgh banner will be on the facade for the new travel shop opening on Waverley Bridge.