Flight noise monitors installed near Edinburgh Airport

Monitors have been installed to record plane noise near Edinburgh Airport. Picture: David Moir
Monitors have been installed to record plane noise near Edinburgh Airport. Picture: David Moir
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Real-time data is being published showing how loud plane noise is at locations close to Edinburgh Airport.

The transport hub has brought in the new Casper system in response to a long-running row over noise amid changes to the city’s flight path.

Monitoring devices have been installed at Cramond, Livingston and Broxburn and will record noise levels at each location.

The data will then be available online to members of the public within minutes.

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Five years’ worth of data is being transferred into the system.

Information such as aircraft noise levels, altitude of flights, aircraft types and destinations will then be available online.

The system’s website will allow users to draw up their own noise reports.

Complaints over plane noise from people living close to the airport are frequently raised.

The row has intensified in recent months with changes to the airport’s flight path, with planes to be directed further west of Cramond.

More than half of the 4000 people who took part in the airport’s latest consultation on flight paths raised concerns about potential increases to noise.

Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar sad: “We appreciate that aircraft noise can cause issues for our neighbouring communities and we are mindful of the potential impacts it can have and how to best mitigate them.

“We want communities to be informed and to better understand noise and through that will come greater trust and a better working relationship.

“This system will help us with that as it provides increased transparency around our operations, offering up-to-the-minute information on flights.

“Providing this information allows people to draw up their own reports and evaluate the data for themselves before asking us questions.

“We’re confident this system will prove to be extremely useful and is another example of the innovative approach that we take at Edinburgh Airport.”

The new website also allows people to submit complaints about noise and learn more about flights which affect them.