Tory MP Ross Thomson mocked after falling for ‘obvious’ fake drug app prank

Ross Thomson.
Ross Thomson.
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Outspoken Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson has been criticised after being taken in by a TV crew filming a prank show in which he discussed a fake drug app which supports a child-run ‘cocaine factory’ in Colombia.

The Press and Journal reported that the Aberdeen South MP was caught out in a prank by Channel 4 show ‘Ministry of Justice’ discussing the fake drug-delivery app ‘InstantGrammes’, which instantly drew comparison to the classic ‘Cake’ sketch on satirical show Brass Eye in 1997.

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In that memorable segment, host Chris Morris enlists a number of celebrities to warn of the dangers of fictional drug ‘Cake’, including Rolf Harris, Noel Edmonds, and MP Sir David Amess, who raised the issue in parliament.

Mr Thomson was shown a fake video presentation, the P and J reported, in which the TV crew conned him into believing that a smartphone app called ‘InstantGrammes’, which it was claimed helped deliver drugs.

Brexit-supporter Mr Thomson raised eyebrows on a recent Question Time appearance in which he claimed that smartphone apps could be used to deliver drugs ‘faster than a pizza’.

It is not known if ‘InstantGrammes’ was the app Mr Thomson was referring to on Question Time.

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The false video shown to Mr Thomson also showed him footage of a ‘half cocaine factory, half school,’ and that using InstantGrammes would help support children in drug labour.

He said the video ‘made his skin crawl’ and that apps like InstantGrammes make drugs look cool.

After being caught out, Mr Thomson told the P and J: “These people presented themselves as a legitimate production company.

“Along with other parliamentary colleagues, I took what they said at face value.

“I think this is a pretty underhanded way to approach a very serious issue.”

The SNP’s Kirsty Blackman, MP for neighbouring Aberdeen North, said: “This is an astonishing display of poor judgement, even by Ross Thomson’s standards.

“I take the issues of drug abuse and addiction incredibly seriously and it is vital that MPs educate themselves on facts presented by reputable organisations.

“The fact Ross Thomson fell for this blindingly obvious prank might go some way to explain his ill-informed claims over drugs made during a recent Question Time appearance.

“Frankly, I think people across the north-east will be taken aback to witness an MP being so gullible.”