'This creature Sinclair just manipulated Hamilton'

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GORDON HAMILTON was corrupted by Angus Sinclair, his sister said today.

Sarah Sinclair accepts that her brother was involved in the World's End killings, but lays the blame squarely on her estranged husband who was cleared in court yesterday.

Mrs Sinclair reportedly said: "Angus could never have got those girls on his own. Only Gordon could have.

"Gordon was a handsome, lovely-looking man. I had no idea Gordon was involved, but he never murdered either of those girls.

"He was an accomplice but was manipulated by this creature Angus Sinclair.

I know in my heart he corrupted Gordon. It wrecked Gordon's life."

Unlike his brother-in-law, Hamilton had no previous convictions, yet Sinclair claimed Hamilton was the World's End killer.

Hamilton grew up in Glasgow with six brothers and three sisters.

His family was dysfunctional and marked by criminality, violence and alcoholism.

One of his brothers, Joseph, would eventually go to prison for murder himself.

But in the summer of 1977 he acquired a new "best friend" in the form of his sister's husband.

Detectives believe the two men ventured out together on October 15, 1977 and approached Helen Scott and Christine Eadie in the World's End pub.

DCI Jones said: "Hamilton had no previous convictions and was not overtly sexual in his behaviour.

"He proved to be key to the investigation because he raped, or had sex with, both girls and left that crucial evidence.

"But in no way do I believe he was the instigator."

Hamilton had started work for a button manufacturer in 1970 and was described as a "good worker" up until 1978 when he "went off the rails".

He met and married Wilma Sutherland in that year following a huge row with Sinclair. The pair never spoke again.

He died in a Glasgow hospital in 1996 after suffering a heart attack after living his remaining years as an alcoholic down-and-out.

Only two photographs of him survive, his family destroying his possessions upon his death.