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In response to those who are concerned about the future of Gaelic in The Scotsman, we would like to stress that we would prefer to keep the Gaelic page, but to do so, we have to find a new approach.

The Gaelic page is the most expensive in the newspaper to produce, and the efficiencies which can be achieved in other areas of the newspaper do not apply when it comes to Gaelic. We know that there is strong support for the development of Gaelic in Scotland, and we have a platform which gives the language a national audience every week. We would hope that those who support the promotion of Gaelic would recognise the value of The Scotsman’s long-standing commitment to Gaelic, and join us in trying to find a way to continue. If anyone would like to make suggestions, we are happy to discuss via email or in the comments below.

Donald Walker

Deputy Editor

The Scotsman/ Scotland on Sunday