Socialist Fox on 'power to the people' trip

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SCOTTISH Socialist leader Colin Fox is to visit Torness nuclear power station on Monday.

The Lothians MSP is expected to meet senior managers and tour the plant.

He said: "I am a convinced opponent of nuclear power but an opponent who wants to conduct the debate about new nuclear capacity and our energy needs on the basis of facts. My visit to Torness is at my own request."

"In particular I want to explore how, in a non-nuclear world, we can harness the experience and skills of the workers who are employed at Torness."

Mr Fox said he hoped to discuss the mechanics of decommissioning nuclear stations and how the skills of the current workforce could be used.

He added: "The Torness site must also have potential, as a coastal location, to play a part in the development of wind and wave power and one thing which I think is urgent is for British Energy to carry out a skills audit of its workforce to assist in slotting them into jobs or further training."

Mr Fox offered to hold a public meeting or debate after his visit.

He said: "Opponents of nuclear power have to set about the serious work of explaining their alternative to both the workers and the public. I for one would be happy, after my visit, to put my case to the people who work in and live near Torness."