Scotland set to be hotter than parts of California in mini heatwave

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Spring showers will soon make way for sunshine and soaring temperatures with the nation set to bask in a mini heatwave.

Next week the mercury will rise across Scotland for a brief spell between Wednesday and Friday next week.

Portobello Beach, Edinburgh. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Portobello Beach, Edinburgh. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Edinburgh and parts of the east coast could enjoy highs of 22C (71.6F) as the temperature gradually climbs.

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It comes as the UK has suffered under drizzle and gloomy conditions, struggling to get above 7C in April so far(44.6F), the Met Office said.

If the predictions are accurate, on Thursday next week Scotland well be hotter than Los Angeles, California which will see highs of 17C compared to 20C in Glasgow on the same day.

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Met Office forecaster Sarah Kent said: “The wind direction is shifting, so we lose this really cloudy, misty and murky easterly wind.”

“It is not going to be wall-to-wall sunshine at all, but it is going to be warmer because we have lost that cold wind.”

Scotland could see some bands of heavy rain on Saturday, while the rest of the UK will start off cloudy with a scattering of showers before the sun breaks through.

But don’t get too excited, spring may not yet be in full gear. STV forecaster, Sean Batty cautioned: “It currently looks like the warmer spell of weather will last about 3 days - Wednesday to Friday next week.

“Beyond that it turns more changeable again, & there could even be some colder spells later in the month.”