Scotland’s wildest teambuilding exercises

Office workers test trust and problem solving with some Via Ferrata
Office workers test trust and problem solving with some Via Ferrata
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TEAMBUILDING exercises are fun, but they also teach colleagues to work together in unexpected ways, writes Alison Campsie

Would you like to see your boss tremble on a high wire, or see Darren from accounts dance like a zombie?

Teambuilding exercises don’t just raise a laugh amongst you and your colleagues, but they can also be highly valuable in resetting beleaguered work relationships, break down hierarchies and give your office counterparts a chance to thrive and lead when least expected. Office life may never be the same again.


A plane has crashed in woodland and there is devastation all around. The pilot needs stretchered out. You don’t know where you are and possess only basic resources. What would you do? Crumble into a heap, or man up and lash a stretcher together before using the stars to guide your way to safety? Competitors are given one-and-a-half days’ training in practical survival skills, including fire lighting, shelter construction, and navigation by natural means, before being plunged into disaster mode.


Break down the boundaries in your mind and go where you didn’t think was possible with the latest outdoor trend of Via Ferrata, where competitors are equipped with ladders, bridges, cables and staples to explore the spectacular environment around The Grey Mare’s Tail, a thundering waterfall near Kinlochleven. It may seem inacessible to the naked eye, but once clipped onto a continuous safety cable, competitors will transcend the bedrock amphitheatre around the gushing waters. Trust is the word as you navigate the seemingly inhospitable train alongside your colleagues.


Workmates will never look at you again in the same way after they’ve literally watched you walk over water with this cliffjumping and aqualining course.

Competitors will be trained to cope with the rapids at Calvine Canyon in Perthshire with a touch of wild swimming and plunge pooling before ascending to the world’s first commercial slackline over water. Teachings on the mechanics of cliff jumping will allow competitors to experiment with how high they can go - and how well they can fall into the wild waters below.

Organiser promise a journey to test your physical and mental agility.


Spend two days living off the fat of the land as you and your team battle against hunger on this foraging challenge. Get to know your edible berries from your killer mushrooms on this trek through the forests and wild lands of ths Highlands. Competitors will then search out their own safe lunch before going to battle to claim the Bushcraft Masterchef title. Colleagues can take the challenge one step further by sleeping out overnight.


Has your team become a bit lifeless? Let them express their inner zombie while reigniting office-based fun by recreating Michael Jacksons’s classic pop video. Colleagues will be given an extreme makeover to make them look totally undead, with a choreographer on hand to impart all the necessary steps to recreate those graveyard moves. Just who will get to play the King of Pop, though?