Scotland gears up for a wet Sunday - but the weekend won’t be a total washout

Skies will be cloudy but dry across Glasgow and much of Scotland this Saturday (Photo: Shutterstock)
Skies will be cloudy but dry across Glasgow and much of Scotland this Saturday (Photo: Shutterstock)
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The recent heatwave feels like a distant memory already - but what has the weather got in store for Scotland this weekend?

Most of Scotland has woken up to rain this morning (Fri 10 Aug), as well as lower temperatures than the country has been experiencing lately.

A stormy central belt

In Edinburgh, Festivalgoers and locals alike can expect a cloudy but dry Friday and Saturday, with temperatures peaking at 16C on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Sunday in the capital will be a different story, however, with light rain predicted to being in the wee hours, growing heavier later in the morning, and continuing all day. Conditions will stay warm, though, at around 16C for much of the day.

Further west, Glasgow is set to see the rain continue this afternoon, drying up by around 4pm. Temperatures should stay consistent, settling at about 15C for much of today.

Saturday is likely to be dry, cloudy and warm in Glasgow, reaching a high of 18C in the evening. On Sunday, heavy rain should begin at around 4am, and hold until mid-afternoon, after which conditions will be dry with temperatures in the mid to high teens.

The forecast for Stirling is similar to Glasgow’s, although Sunday’s rain will last longer, falling until around 8pm.

Colder further north

Further north, both Dundee and Aberdeen residents can also expect some rain today, a dry but cloudy Saturday and intermittent heavy rain on Sunday.

While the rain in Dundee should clear up by mid-afternoon today, Aberdeen locals will need their umbrellas for a stormy burst of weather at around 7pm tonight. Sunday looks set to be a washout in both locations, with rain falling from morning until night with very little respite.

Inverness, too, will have a rainy Sunday, spilling over into Monday morning and beyond. Temperatures in all three cities are expected to sit in the low to mid-teens throughout the weekend.

Some sun in the Borders - but no escape from the rain

In the Borders, temperatures will climb as high as 19C on Sunday, but locals won’t escape the rain.

Galashiels and Dumfries will both have a little rain today, but some sunshine very early on Saturday morning. However, the clouds will soon roll over again, and heavy rain will begin as early as 1am on Sunday, lasting until mid-afternoon.