Post Natal Pilates a good move for new mothers

Post Natal Pilates is a great way to relieve the aches and pains of motherhood, says Jessica Kiddle
Post Natal Pilates is a great way to relieve the aches and pains of motherhood, says Jessica Kiddle
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SIGN up for a warm welcome and exercises tailored to the needs of new mums, writes Jessica Kiddle

The treatment

Post Natal Pilates by Pilates Plus at Marchmont St Giles’ Parish Church, 1a Kilgraston Road Edinburgh – one of several locations where classes are held – is making a name for itself around the city. Pilates Plus offers classes created and instructed by qualified physiotherapists who, thanks to their training, understand exactly how the body moves (or rather should move) and what it needs to do so. Booked in blocks of eight, the postnatal classes are expertly put together to help mums cope with the physical strains of life with a little one, in particular targeting core strength and pelvic floor control.

Why go?

Well, to start with, it’s a weekly dose of ‘me’ time which most mums crave. Slipping back into your Lycra can be daunting after having a baby, but not so here: because the exercises are completely tailored to new mums the classes are challenging but super gentle, and with a maximum of 15 participants per class, individual attention is guaranteed. Plus – and this is not so much a ‘why go’ but ‘can go’ – you can bring your baby along so no need to worry about childcare (even if it means you occasionally need to stop to look after your wee one). A bonus feature is the booklet of exercises you get to take away meaning you can also do homework if you wish.

Our spy says

She might look like a Pilates goddess but my instructor, Tessa, was not in 
the least bit intimidating. In fact she was warm and welcoming, and as a mum of two herself, hugely sympathetic to how you might be feeling.

Making sure to introduce herself to everyone individually at the start of the course to hear any concerns, she keeps a watchful eye on the group throughout each class. She regularly steps in to correct a position or help those who might be struggling and the upshot is that you feel as if you are in very safe hands, allowing you to concentrate on the class.

The results

Not only did I love the classes, they literally saved my neck and back which were feeling the strain of breastfeeding and baby lugging. As the course is progressive, every week I noticed a marked improvement in what I could manage, and gradually I felt more ‘normal’ again – whatever normal is now.

Pilates Plus (07971 778 962,, classes are 1 hour and must be booked ineights. The initial block of eight classescosts £93 which includes the exercise booklet. Blocks thereafter are £88.