Poll shows SNP would win back several lost Westminster seats

The poll is good news for Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: AFP/Getty Images
The poll is good news for Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: AFP/Getty Images
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A new poll has shown that the SNP would win back seats that they lost at the snap General Election last year, but their support has dropped slightly in Scottish Parliament voting intentions.

A Survation survey for the Daily Record also highlighted the scale of the task facing Richard Leonard as the Scottish Labour leader has seen his party’s support fall in a Westminster election.

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The SNP would regain seats that they lost last year, the survey finds, with Nicola Sturgeon’s party on 42 per cent of the vote at a Westminster election. Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives have fallen five points on their 29 per cent result in June last year.

Labour’s support has fallen from 27 per cent to 23, which would leave them with just a single Scottish seat if the result was reflected nationwide.

Ms Sturgeon would also see her party remain the largest at the Scottish Parliament, though their constituency vote share has fallen to 43 per cent and their regional vote share has slumped by nine points, leaving them with 33 per cent.

The Conservatives are up two points to 24 per cent in the constituency vote, though this is offset by a three per cent fall in their regional vote share, while Labour are on 21 per cent in both votes.

It would leave the SNP the largest party on 59 seats, a fall of four, with Labour on 26 (a gain of two) and the Conservatives losing eight seats on 23.