Pledge to "make a success" of no-deal Brexit as 100 Tories threaten to rebel

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Dominic Raab will insist the UK is “ready to make a success of Brexit” even if the government fails to agree a deal to leave the EU.

In a speech on Thursday, the Brexit Secretary will set out the government’s preparations for leaving the EU without a deal amid growing fears that Theresa May’s own MPs could sink her plans for Brexit.

Up to 100 Conservative MPs are understood to oppose the compromise plan set out by the Prime Minister at Chequers in July, and are threatening to vote against any deal based on the government’s Brexit White Paper when it comes to the Commons later this year.

A rebellion on that scale would leave Mrs May reliant on Labour to allow the deal to pass, or the UK would tumble out of the EU without any provisions in place for trade, cross-border co-operation and the rights of expats.

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Dozens of papers on preparations for no-deal - covering everything from travel with pets to blood safety - will begin being published on Thursday. In total, government advice is expected to be issued in between 70 and 80 areas.

Mr Raab said the government would “clearly set out the steps that people, businesses and public services need to take in the unlikely event that we don’t reach an agreement”.

Downing Street added that the advice would be “sensible, proportionate, and part of a common-sense approach to ensure stability, whatever the outcome of talks.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the pro-Brexit European Research Group of Conservative MPs, said there was “just one month to save Brexit”.

And former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has launched a new nationwide campaign against the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans, denouncing it as “nothing less than a direct betrayal of everything that people voted for".

An alternative Brexit plan based on a beefed-up Canada-style trade deal is being drawn up by a group of 10 Conservative MPs and will be debated at the party’s conference in Birmingham in September, it is understood.

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Andrew Bridgen, a member of the ERG, told the Sunday Express: "In about two weeks we in the ERG are going to come out with our Canada plus plus and no deal proposals.

"No 10 are trying to pretend that the only choices are between Chequers and no deal and they are trying to demonise no deal. But it will not work."

Ministers from several EU countries last week warned that the odds on a no-deal scenario were now “50-50” with only a few months left to hammer out an agreement before European legislatures must begin the lengthy ratification process. Under the Article 50 process set out in Brussels treaties, the UK will leave the EU on March 29, 2019.