Nigel Farage pushes for role in new Donald Trump administration

Nigel Farage. Picture: TSPL
Nigel Farage. Picture: TSPL
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Nigel Farage has put himself forward for a European ambassador role in Donald Trump’s new administration.

The outgoing Ukip leader watched the election as it unfolded in the United States embassy and told journalists that Trump’s victory was “bigger than Brexit”.

Farage played a key role in the European Union referendum for the winning Brexit side.

Speaking to LBC Radio, Mr Farage said: “Is he going to offer me a job? I’m hoping he might do.

“He will be in need of a proper Eurosceptic ambassador in Brussels for the European Union. I would rather like that job.

“Being a foreigner will not disqualify me. As long as we can bring the EU down, it doesn’t matter how we do it.”

Nigel Farage, who is serving as interim Ukip leader until next month, said he would be flying out to American to congratulate Trump on his Presidential victory.

He said: “There’ll be a friend in the White House – someone who likes this country – rather than the Obamas and Clintons, who look down on us.”

MEP David Coburn, the leader of Ukip in Scotland, said he would help the new president in any way he could.

He said: “The American people by electing Donald Trump have followed the British people in telling the political and media classes that they have had enough. They are sick of open-door immigration, high taxes and lower public services.

“Sadly, the Scottish nationalist government have done their best to upset president-elect Trump and the business he was bringing to Scotland.

“I will do my best to help President Trump - who is half Scottish - to bring jobs to Scotland.”