New software matches graduates with employers

Niamh Parker. Picture: submitted
Niamh Parker. Picture: submitted
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Irish tech start-up GrifAlgo has unveiled software that matches graduates with employers and tracks their progress once the come on board.

GrifAlgo uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to allow employers to source graduates which are a strong match for their company culture.

The algorithm-driven matchmaking and online talent tracking tool for employers of graduates was launched at the People Analytics Forum in London on Tuesday.

The software as a service product (SaaS) has a built-in Business Intelligence Module which monitors the cost of each new graduate recruit and their respective lifecycle within the organisation.

GrifAlgo Founder and CEO Niamh Parker says she first noticed a “glaring gap” in the graduate recruitment space when she was an undergraduate.

“I wondered how I could get the attention of top law firms and organisations. I did not attend campus events and was not on LinkedIn. GrifAlgo is committed to filling this gap in the social media cycle for student talent.”

During the development of GrifAlgo, Niamh and her team secured a successful ‘proof of concept’ and two university awards, but there were many hurdles to overcome along the way.

“We tried to be all things to all people in version one and had to rethink our approach with the aim firmly focussed on our goal of removing the pain and cost of churn as a result of mismatching in graduate recruitment. GrifAlgo certainly achieves this by our ‘Clone-Track-Match’ formula.

“The formula can be tailored to suit employers’ needs - we offer bespoke data packages or simply tracking or matching. Once our Cloning exercise is complete we can map the data to our client’s existing talent pool or the GrifAlgo platform. We plug into institutions globally to track and match to the graduates best suited to our clients’ company cultures.

“By making perfect matches GrifAlgo helps employers to avoid messy and costly departures from the workplace.

“GrifAlgo’s dual visibility allows employers and potential candidates to connect from day one of university/college/apprenticeship/sponsorship. The software allows employers to nurture relationships with potential graduate recruits right from the beginning.”

GrifAlgo’s built-in Business Intelligence Module helps employers identify candidates which are practically bespoke for the company culture.

“The cloning, based on historical graduate data, is fascinating. I would never have considered that some of my traits, habits and passions could possibly shape my ability to succeed in certain company cultures. Competences and skills are important but personality and the right attitude are necessities,” she adds.

GrifAlgo was recently selected to pitch at a Lean Startup event organised by Match Capital in London.

GrifAlgo is based at The Versari Hub in Dublin, a start-up hub for Ed Tech.