New hybrids added to car sharing fleet

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A NEW fleet of hybrid cars is to be added to the Capital's car-sharing scheme.

The Toyota Prius T3s, which run on both petrol and electricity, are being launched as a new report calls on car clubs to help the fight against climate change.

A report by the Transform Scotland Trust says action should be taken to encourage 25,000 Scots to join car-sharing clubs by 2015.

Keith Stark, manager of City Car Club in Scotland, said: "Edinburgh City Car Club has continued to grow impressively and we now have in excess of 3500 members and will shortly be launching our 100th car.

"In order to allow our members to drive the most environmentally responsible cars, we are embarking on a fleet renewal programme, which will see the introduction of several ultra-low emitting Toyota Prius cars."

Chas Ball, author of the report, added: "Car clubs result in a reduction in car use and at least 15 cars taken off the road for each car added to the fleet. They also encourage the use of lower carbon, cleaner vehicles."