Neo-Nazi forum poster claims to be Dundee forensic officer

The man claims to work for the forensic department. Picture: John Devlin/File Photo
The man claims to work for the forensic department. Picture: John Devlin/File Photo
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The Scottish Police Authority has said there is no evidence a forensic officer from Dundee has been posting race-hate material online.

Posts, on the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum, by a man claiming to be a scene of crime officer says he was abused while attending a break-in at the Al-Maktoum College, in Dundee.

The Scottish Police Authority said the man has no link to SPA Forensic Services.
A spokesperson said: “There is no evidence that the person posting is a current or former employee of the SPA Forensic Services or any legacy forensic services organisation.”

Several posts were made by the man on the infamous neo-Nazi Stormfront forum.

The forum, which has a worldwide network of users, was set up in the US in the 1990s to promote white supremacy.

In one post, made after anti-fascist campaigners demonstrated in Dundee, the man states he was abused while attending a break-in at the Al-Maktoum College.

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There have been no break-ins at the college since it opened.

In another he claims to have inside information that three men convicted of murder after setting fire to a shop in Leicester as part of an insurance scam had been manufacturing drugs on the premises.

He also makes derogatory references to “chimps” and children of mixed heritage.

The Stormfront website contains thousands of sickening racist and anti-Semitic posts.

These include everything from queries about whether history books have unfairly maligned Adolf Hitler to complaints about television programme The One Show.

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Anti-fascist campaigners demonstrated in Dundee on December 8 after a far-right group calling itself the Scottish Nationalist Society put up white supremacist stickers around Dundee.

Three days before the demonstration the man, who uses the name DrFredMBongo and claims to have a master’s in DNA analysis, wrote: “Went and had a look at Stand up to Racism Tayside to see where about the protest is going to be in Dundee.

“Of course, instead of the main street, which has plenty of room, pedestrianised and a lot of foot traffic to show off to, they’ve decided to do it beside the big shopping centre- close to the posh coffee shops, and means blocking the main bus route and two other main roads, meaning more hassle for the people and the police.”

Dr Abi Abubaker, acting head of Al-Maktoum College, said: “We are saddened that we find ourselves in a position of responding to a comment that is totally unfounded and completely untrue.

“Firstly, since the College opened its doors, we are pleased to say we have not had to report a single break-in, and the police will confirm that.

“In general terms, we enjoy strong, open and mutually beneficial relations with the police at all levels, and again I am sure the police will readily agree with me on this.

“The College exists to build bridges between communities and I believe our reputation in Dundee confirms this.”

Far-right fanatics have targeted Dundee in the past two years.

In 2017 an offshoot of the banned group National Action, called System Resistance Network, targeted a charity helping gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens in Dundee.

Last year the Scottish Nationalist Society put stickers up around Dundee and posted photographs of their members posing at Dundee city centre landmarks