Mel Gibson’s son ‘became obsessed with Irn-Bru’ on set of Braveheart

Milo Gibson with dad Mel. Picture: Getty
Milo Gibson with dad Mel. Picture: Getty
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Mel Gibson’s son has revealed that he became obsessed with Irn-Bru while on the set of Braveheart.

Milo, 28, visited Scotland when he was six years old to watch his father act and direct the blockbuster movie about the Scottish rebellion led by William Wallace.

Instead of being wowed by the action set-pieces, Milo was only interested in getting his hands on another can of Scotland’s favourite soft drink.

He told the Scottish Sun on Sunday: “I liked and drank a lot of Irn-Bru. I’m obsessed with it and heard they recently changed the recipe. I remember more about Irn-Bru than anything else.

“I was more interested in drinking Irn-Bru than getting a claymore.”

Milo, who has recently followed his in father’s footsteps by starting a career in acting, hopes to return to Scotland in the near future to try the new recipe.

He added: “I haven’t been back to Scotland but I want to take a vacation there next time I’m in KLondon and take a plane ride there to get some.”