Madonna criticises Glasgow Hydro after power turned off

Picture:  Lisa Ferguson
Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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Madonna has criticised Scotland’s flagship concert arena after her show was curtailed by overzealous production workers, forcing her to perform a cappella.

Madonna’s eagerly-awaited gig at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow ended on a sour note when the plug was pulled on a planned encore.

The self-styled “Queen of Pop” had been given permission to break the venue’s strict 11pm curfew for the latest instalment of her Rebel Heart tour on Sunday night.

But she and her army of fans were said to be furious after the singer was forced to perform her classic hit Holiday with the power off and the arena’s main lights turned on.

Videos posted on social media showed the pop star having to lead the crowd in a mass sing-along.

She told her one million Twitter followers: “We don’t stop till its over Glasgow! Don’t **** with the Queen.”

Picture:  Lisa Ferguson

Picture: Lisa Ferguson

However, the star also posted messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram saying: “Love you Glasgow.”

She had earlier dealt with a heckler at the Glasgow show by saying: “I can’t hear a word you’re saying. It’s better that way.”

The performer had clearly recovered from the disappointment of having to perform a cappella when she later turned up at Glasgow nightclub Kokomo with her entourage – and was spotted on its dance floor.

The SSE Hydro had warned fans in advance that the concert would be starting later than normal and would also have a “late finish time”.

Madonna had already been embroiled in controversy at a concert in Manchester when she was greeted with a chorus of boos after coming on stage an hour late. She had branded some of her fans “diva bitches” after being repeatedly heckled, and blamed technical problems with the video screens at the venue.

Madonna came on stage well after the 9pm start-time at the SSE Hydro and had been performing for around two hours when the plug was pulled.

Hundreds of fans took to social media to express anger at the way the show had ended.

Ciaran Ledgewood said: “Who in their right mind decided to cut off her sound? It’s Madonna – you don’t just cut her off!”

Gordon Barr tweeted: “Well done @Madonna & troupe & fans – shame on you @TheSSEHydro 4 pulling the plug – but we showed you!”

Lindsay Hotchkiss tweeted the SSE Hydro to say: ­“Embarrassing you cut the power tonight for Madonna. Get a realistic curfew. It’s Madonna FFS of course she will run late!”

Graham Stevenson posted: “So @Madonna broke curfew at The Hydro so just came on stage and performed Holiday, lights up, without a single amp. Class act. #amazing”

Michael Skene posted on Facebook: “Poor show pulling the power! Everyone had been warned it would be a late finish and did the one track make any difference?”

A spokeswoman for the SSE Hydro said: “Madonna finished the agreed set and then chose to come on for another song. By that stage, all the power and control equipment had already been disconnected by the production teams. I would stress that this was not a venue decision.”

Madonna’s Glasgow gig was the last of 25 sold-out shows on the European leg of the tour.

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