Kindly giraffe brings smile to faces through random acts of generosity

Cherry Jiang and Yuexi Tang meet giraffe Armstrong Bailey
Cherry Jiang and Yuexi Tang meet giraffe Armstrong Bailey
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A giraffe has been bringing some sunshine to the Capital by carrying out random acts of kindness.

Busker Armstrong Baillie has been spotted at areas across city in recent days, causing heads to turn and attracting a cult following on Twitter.

Armstrong Bailey is traveling the country doing good deeds

Armstrong Bailey is traveling the country doing good deeds

The Glaswegian said he is currently travelling all round Scotland in his homemade costume, attempting to lift spirits during testing times by doing good deeds and performing random acts of kindness.

The 32-year-old revealed the inspiration for his one-man mission had come from the Capital.

He explained: “About a year ago a man in a gorilla costume started playing drums on the streets around Edinburgh and I met him one day when I was visiting friends. He really made me smile, and I know I wasn’t the only one.

“The idea just stuck with me, so I decided to get my own costume, but I went for a giraffe as it’s my favourite animal. I think it suits my personality too – my head is in the clouds but my heart is in the right place.”

For the past six months Armstrong has been travelling from city to city walking dogs, cleaning out cages at cat homes, giving free coffees to stressed workers, and anything else people suggest.

He explains: “I give out cards with my phone number and ask people to text me ideas. A woman got in touch suggesting I pick up some of the litter on Portobello Beach, so I was down there on Sunday having a bit of a tidy up. I also collect money while I’m busking and try to use what I make to do nice things.

“If I make enough I go to a local toy shop – not a big chain, I like to support smaller businesses – and pick something up, then take it to the nearest children’s ward. I hurt one of my legs quite badly when I was three, and my earliest memory is being given a toy truck while I was in hospital, and being absolutely thrilled with it.”

Students Yuexi Tang and Cheng Jaing were two of the latest people to benefit from some giraffe altruism after they each got a free coffee to warm them on a cold day.

Cheng said: “It’s been so nice. I was entertained and he made me happy.”

• If you would like to 
suggest a good deed to Armstrong, you can text him 
on 07931 269460, and to follow his adventures visit