Kate Middleton's working-class roots revealed

AS KATE Middleton prepares to join the Royal Family, a new picture has emerged that shows her working-class roots.

The newly uncovered photograph shows her great-grandfather Thomas Harrison - the son of a miner from the village of Hetton le Hole, Sunderland.

Thomas, who appears in a flannel suit and tie, did not go down the mines. Instead, after training as a carpenter, he fled to London with his wife Elizabeth to seek a better life. His daughter Dorothy was the mother of Kate Middleton's mother, Carole.

John Harrison, a distant relative who discovered the picture, still lives in Hetton le Hole. He has lost touch with the Middleton branch of the family and will not be going to the wedding - but will be celebrating with a party on the day.

He said: "We'll still be working class, but it's a nice feeling to know there's something there in the family, that we're going to be related to royalty."