Islander's memorial

How appropriate that you should feature the writer and traveller Isabella Bishop in your Daily Biography column (3 October).

This weekend, Tobermory, in Mull, is celebrating the centenary of the town clock, which was built in 1905 with a legacy left by Isabella Bishop (better known as the writer Isabella Bird) donated in memory of her sister, Henrietta.

Henrietta died of typhoid at Tobermory in 1880. This was a severe loss to Isabella. During her travels abroad, she wrote long descriptive letters to her sister who had stayed in Tobermory for many years, doing good works among the poor who called her the "blessed one".

On Saturday, Pat Barr, Isabella's biographer, will be giving a talk on the life and travels of Isabella at An Tobar, and on Sunday we are gathering at the clock to remember the two sisters.

Specially commissioned music will be played by Keith Burt, Raymond MacDonald and Emma Barlow, and sculpture by Cath Keay, inspired by the words of Isabella Bird, will be exhibited all over Tobermory.


Chairman, Mull Museum

Main Street

Tobermory, Mull