Irn-Bru game offers free trip to New York City

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IRN-BRU are giving people the chance to win an all-expenses trip to New York City to enjoy the festivities during Tartan Week.

All wannabe entrants have to do is visit the official Irn-Bru website and play one of two ‘BRUland games’ available: Pumping Irn or Toss the Girder.



Pumping Irn is a throwback to the old ‘button bash’ arcade games where entrants are asked to hit the left and right arrows on their keyboard to help a kilt-wearing weightlifter complete as many bench presses as possible within 30 seconds.

Toss the Girder is less strenuous and only requires the user to throw a girder across the Scottish landscape using the computer’s mouse.

After completing either, gamers are asked to connect with their Facebook, automatically entering them into the prize draw.

Adrian Troy, Head of Marketing at AG Barr said: “The BRULand Games take inspiration from classic Highland Games, bringing them to life with a cheeky Irn-Bru twist.

“And if landing the ultimate Girder Tossing title wasn’t enough, players will also have the chance to win a trip to New York where they can proudly represent their clan at Scotland Week and fly the flag for IRN-BRU across the pond.”

All this is part of Bru’s Your Clan campaign, which also includes the limited edition tartan clad Irn-Bru bottles.


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