In pictures: 20 statues of Robert Burns around the world

Robert Burns statues around the world. Pictures: Various/Geograph
Robert Burns statues around the world. Pictures: Various/Geograph
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THERE’S a lot of love out there for Robert Burns. Across the globe there are more than sixty statues dedicated to Scotia’s bard.

To put that into context, that places Burns in third place behind Christopher Columbus and Queen Victoria when it comes to number of statues of non-religious figures worldwide.

From Ayr to Adelaide, Montrose to Montreal, the poet’s likeness has been recreated in bronze and stone dozens of times - a testament to the enduring popularity of his life’s work.

As you would expect, the vast majority of memorials and statues of Burns can be found in right here in Scotland. There are three alone in Borders town of Dumfries, where the bard died in 1796.

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The Burns Monument in Edinburgh adorns the southern face of Calton Hill on Regent Road. Inside stood a marble statue of the man by John Flaxman, until it was re-sited to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in 1889. A more public statue can be found at the junction of Bernard Street and Constitution Street in Leith.

Burns Cottage in Alloway, the bard’s birthplace, attracts throngs of visitors throughout the year. A Greek-style memorial, similar to the one in Edinburgh, stands nearby.

Across Scotland, more than twenty towns have public statues and memorials to the country’s most revered poet. Elsewhere in the UK, Burns can be seen in Belfast and London.

One maquette by sculptor George Lawson was made of Burns for a whole host of statues. The original can be found in Ayr, while others stand in Leith, Halifax (Nova Scotia), Winnipeg, Montreal and Paris-Sorbonne. The latter was carefully concealed during the Second World War to prevent it being melted down by the Nazis.

The Estonian capital Tallinn boasts a bust of Burns in the city’s Šoti Park (Scottish Park) near the Old Town.

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Burns is also well-recognised in the wider English-speaking world, with a large number of towns and cities throughout the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand bearing statues to the legendary man.

In New York’s Central Park, Burns sits on a plinth opposite fellows Scots writer Sir Walter Scott. Carbon copies of this statue, designed by Sir John Steell, can be found in Dundee, London and Dunedin.

Incidentally, Burns’ statue at Dunedin holds the record as the memorial furthest away from his hometown of Alloway, at a distance of 11,737 miles.