Gaps in Scotland’s anti-terror strategy, admit police

Police have admitted there are security gaps. Picture: Ian Rutherford
Police have admitted there are security gaps. Picture: Ian Rutherford
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POLICE have identified “knowledge gaps” in Scotland’s counter-terrorism strategy, according to a classified police paper.

They have also, according to the force’s civilian watchdog, still to draw up a consistent list of vulnerable sites with partner agencies.

The paper, seen after it was published in error on the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) website, provides an update on Scotland’s compliance with the UK counter-terrorism strategy known as Contest.

Police found “knowledge gaps” in some councils, which it expects will be replicated elsewhere, and it is now developing counter-terrorism training tools for people such as health workers, police and teachers.

Contest covers four themes: Pursue, the investigation and disruption of terrorist attacks; Prevent, to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism and extremism; Protect, improving protective security to stop a terrorist attack; and Prepare: working to minimise the impact of an attack.

Police and partners have also been urged to use an exercise called Operation Archer, a fictitious terrorist incident featuring mock TV new bulletins and arrests, which is designed to “demystify” the Contest strategy.

Police Scotland says it has refreshed its counter-terrorism implementation plan “to identify which members of their staff require awareness-raising inputs on Prevent”.