Gadget review: Turtle Beach EarForce Recon 60P

The Recon 60P design is influenced by the Playstation 4. Picture: Contributed
The Recon 60P design is influenced by the Playstation 4. Picture: Contributed
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Gaming headphones that deliver very good sound for the price

Gadget review: Turtle Beach EarForce Recon 60P


ONE of several new headsets from Turtle Beach, the EarForce Recon 60P is a budget model cheaper than the prices of most games. At a time when more and more audio options are aimed at the top end of the market - not everyone is prepared to splash out £100 plus - it is refreshing to see an offering that packs in good audio output at an absurdly low price.

With its black faux leather exterior and blue cup interior and trim, the design of the headset is geared towards Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 owners, although a detachable 3.5mm jack also allows you to connect the 60Ps to newer Xbox One controllers, the PS Vita, PC and Mac, as well as various mobile and tablet devices.

The padding is less generous compared to other Turtle Beach models

While the appearance conforms the usual chunky Turtle Beach aesthetic, an hour or two wearing the 60Ps reveals how the low retail price has been achieved. The padding on the headband is less generous than other models from the company and can get a little uncomfortable after a while, although fortunately, the earcups themselves suffer from no such problems.

Where it really matters, however, the 60Ps deliver. Treble is more prominent than in some headsets that are double the price. Tested playing the PS4 version Call of Duty Black Ops III, for example, the headsets picked up on nearby enemy footsteps, with the audio providing a strategic advantage during multiplayer games. The bass, while not as deep as other premium models, also performed well.

The sound delivers and it is hard to grumble with the whole package for the price

Seasoned audiophiles might well scoff at the 60Ps, at least when compared to headsets which cost around £200. There is no doubt that the mid-range can feel a little indistinct during music playback and distortion creeps in at maximum volume levels, but for under £40, it is hard to grumble. This is one of the best value headsets available and provided your expectations about the build quality are not sky high, it will do an admirable job for casual gaming.