Former sex cult leader facing jail for abusing children ‘on orders of God’

Paisley Sheriff Court
Paisley Sheriff Court

A former member of a religious sex cult is facing jail for sexually and physically abusing children on the orders of God.

Alexander Watt, who abused two children in the central belt in the 1980s, admitted his guilt at Paisley Sheriff Court today.

The court heard Watt, 68, was a member of an organisation known as “The Children of God” or “The Family.”

Prosecutor David McDonald said: “Publicly available information of the organisation, which is also supported by the complainers and witnesses in this case, suggest this was a ‘sex cult’.

“The organisation believed in ‘free love’ and in the early years there appears to have been no structures on sex, regardless of age or relationship.

“The organisation also advocated very strict discipline of children.”

Watt, who previously lived in Edinburgh and Paisley and now lives in Dumbarton, who told police probing him he had been a member of a “hippy organisation” was previously jailed for two years in the 1970s for a politically-motivated bank robbery.

Actors River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix were raised in the cult.