Forget deep fried Mars . . try chocolate naan bread

EVERYONE has heard of Mars bar in batter – but chocolate naan bread?

The family restaurant behind the Capital's "Killer Curry" is now offering is customers a much sweeter – and less spicy – option, in the form of the chocolate treat.

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Manager Akbar Ali, 30, believes the Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, Kismot, is the first in the world to offer it on its menu.

It is now inviting customers to bring a chocolate bar of their choice to the restaurant to be added to a naan bread.

Mr Ali said: "We all love chocolate and we were having a laugh talking about Mars bars in batter, and we said it was a pity there was not an Indian equivalent.

"There was a chocolate bar in the kitchen and my brother Abdul said, 'why don't we add that to a naan bread?'

"We tried it and it just tasted phenomenal – it is the Indian equivalent to a Mars bar in batter!"

Mr Ali added: "Chocolate naan is the way forward – it tastes really nice with some curries. You have got to try it to believe it!"

The Ali family launched the Kismot Killer at the St Leonard's Street restaurant in August, a curry which is so spicy it is making a bid for a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's hottest.

Customers must sign a disclaimer before tasting the curry and anyone brave enough to finish it on their own receives the dish for free and is awarded a certificate of completion, as well as having their photograph placed in the restaurant's hall of fame.

Mr Ali said the chocolate naan had proved particularly popular with the Capital's students, who often come into the restaurant and order it on its own to take away.

He said: "It is selling so well that we are now doing a 'create your own naan' by asking customers to bring their own chocolate bar, and we will put it in the centre of the naan for them.

"We have already put a Bounty inside a naan bread, which tasted like a peshwari – it was delicious! We've also had people bringing in organic chocolate and Crunchies."

However, it took a while after discovering the delicious side order for it to be added to the restaurant's menu. "Every time we had some chocolate bars we would add them to a naan bread and eat it ourselves," smiled Mr Ali.

Mr Ali added: "It is great to compliment the world's hottest curry with something that cools your mouth.

All the customers are saying 'the curry brothers have done it again'."