Edinburgh entrepreneur seeks funding for remote mobile camera

The Eye Eye. Picture: Contributed/Barwritek
The Eye Eye. Picture: Contributed/Barwritek
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EDINBURGH-BASED start-up Barwritek today launches its crowdfund campaign to raise the money it needs to bring its product - The Eye Eye - to life.

The company has set out to raise £70,000.00 on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to take The Eye Eye from prototype to commercially available product. If the campaign is successful, the first production run is expected to be shipped in April 2011.

Barry Wright. Picture: Contributed/Barwritek

Barry Wright. Picture: Contributed/Barwritek

A remote camera for your phone, The Eye Eye is a small, light and versatile low cost camera that promises to be both really good fun and really useful too.

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With a regular ‘on-board’ phone camera,  it’s the phone that needs to be in position to take the shot or video footage you want. The product allows users to position the camera at awkward, precarious angles or in a muddy, wet spot, but keep your smartphone safely in your hand.

Waterproof, with an on-board LED torch, a telescopic pole, and with fittings for additional lenses too, The Eye Eye offers unprecedented multiuse.

Barry Wright, founder of Barwritek and The Eye Eye creator says “Edinburgh has helped us build a prototype. The Scottish government via Edinburgh Business gateway and Scottish Enterprise have provided a lot of support, and we’ve worked with a number of Edinburgh-based consultancies to shape the electronics, industrial design and manufacturing process.

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We are excited by the opportunity to now leverage ‘the power of the crowd’ through Kickstarter to create awareness of The Eye Eye, and to generate the financial support needed to produce a functional product, ready for market.”

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