Drivers warned to expect Queensferry Crossing tailbacks for next 4 weeks

Traffic jams and tailbacks have been an issue for the Queensferry Crossing.
Traffic jams and tailbacks have been an issue for the Queensferry Crossing.
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Drivers have been told to expect tailbacks for at least a month on the approach to the Queensferry Crossing.

There have been regular traffic jams since the bridge was opened as a result of a slower speed limit as work is finished off on surrounding road links.

Warning of delays as junction closes

Warning of delays as junction closes

The current 40mph speed limit and cones are expected to be lifted in about four weeks as work nears completion, but drivers have been told to expect delays until then and plan ahead if possible.

Speaking to Forth One Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said that it was almost impossible to end delays altogether on the crossing but that the situation should improve from next month.

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He said: “If anybody has the impression that there won’t be any more congestion ever in the evenings or the mornings, that would be the wrong impression to have.

“Congestion should ease significantly especially when public transport starts going over the Forth Road Bridge.

“I think that will make a big difference.”

Critics have been quick to speak out against the road layout of the crossing with some saying that either side of the crossing is struggling to deal with congestion.

Suggestions include improving the merging system for coming on and off the crossing and using the hard shoulder as a bus lane.

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Another option floated was re-opening the Echline roundabout, albeit with barriers to prevent motorists from driving on to the old bridge.

The Forth Road Bridge will become a public transport corridor in the autumn